Why Social Beautify?

Not every salon or spa is ready to jump straight into social media, you first need to fix or establish your online presence by creating a consistent and recognizable online brand, visible to common search engines, along with an optimized website that’s easily navigated. Without this foundation, businesses lack the ability to convert followers into an engaged audience… making their social media accounts just another part of the online noise.

That’s because social media is a place for communication, not just a poster board to echo your marketing efforts. Your online presence needs to carry the conversation from social post to online booking.

Companies often think that just starting up a Facebook business page is sufficient – but there is a lot more to the social strategy: you need to engage, inspire and educate your audience to gain their trust and brand loyalty. For salons and spas specifically, you need to project the beauty, elegance, style and sophistication your clientele expects.

Of course, this takes time and expertise. Hiring more staff is expensive and giving this task to your front-desk does not produce results. That’s why we created Social Beautify.

While other social media marketers simply post generic content on your behalf, we take a holistic and thoughtful approach to your online storefront. By working to identify your brand, setting up and optimizing your social media accounts, creating consistent and “on-brand” profile and cover images, building citations to help your local authority in Google, and managing your accounts with unique content and promotions, we make you shine online.


Social Beautify Helps You:

Build Authority – A great social media presence is critical for demonstrating your salon or spa’s expertise in the beauty or wellness industry. We help you become an industry expert so you can experience greater customer loyalty and command higher rates for your services.

Listen – What people say about you is more important than what people say to you. We help establish a monitoring strategy to find conversations about you as well as the overall sentiment of your brand, services and even products.

Communicate – Utilizing the channels where people are listening is essential to effective communication with your audience. We help you establish your social media channels as the go-to place to execute your public relations strategy, communicate important news about your salon or spa, and inspire your audience with beautiful imagery and informative posts.

Serve Your Customers – Whether you like it or not, your social media channels are a place to remedy any questions or complaints quickly and satisfactorily. We help you respond to customer service issues in a way that demonstrates to your current and prospective customers that you care.

Advertise – People often follow businesses that make exclusive offers, discounts, coupons and other savings available to their audience. We help you advertise these specials to your social media channels with custom posts that appear valuable, not pitchy.

Be Human – Brands, logos and slogans don’t provide much insight into the heart of a salon or spa, but your people do! We help you use your social media presence for followers to see the people behind your brand, adding a human element to your channels.

Add Value – Your social media posts/updates shouldn’t always be about you. We help you diversify your social media feeds by adding educational, tips and tricks, public service announcements, and other content that your audience finds useful.


Get started today with your free online quote, or contact us to learn more about how Social Beautify can help your salon or spa shine online!